Just-a-Cinch™ Dog Slip Lead

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The Just-a-Cinch is a rugged, climbing-inspired, utilitarian lead/collar combination. The end loop creates a "collar" you can slip over your dog's head, using the silicone bumpers to keep it in place.

Slip leads are a common tool appreciated among shelters for their simple, seamless functionality. It eliminates the need to clip into a separate collar that some dogs have a knack for slipping out of. Those features make it equally loved as both an everyday grab-and-go leash and an always-have-one-in-the-back-of-the-car solution.

New for 2021: A second sliding silicone bumper to help set loose/tight limits.

Rope Length: 5 ft (1.5 m)

Rope Diameter: 11 mm



Cinch lead design offers universal fit and a secure connection.


Silicone bumpers slide to adjust a tight/loose range.


Strong, supple, reflective kernmantle rope.

Colour: Obsidian Black
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