Brax is a German clothing brand that was founded in 1888. The company specialises in high-quality, contemporary menswear and womenswear that combines classic designs with modern elements.

Their products are designed to be stylish, comfortable, and of high quality, and they feature classic designs with a modern, youthful twist.


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Cadiz Men's Trousers - Regular/DarkCadiz Men's Trousers - Regular/Dark
Marathon Five-pocket Pants Cadiz - Malt
Men's Cadiz Straight Trousers - Navy 1Men's Cadiz Straight Trousers - Navy 1
Style Cadiz Straight - Washed / Washed DarkStyle Cadiz Straight - Washed / Washed Dark
Style Cadiz Straight - Manazilla
Style Cadiz Straight - Beige
Men's Chuck Trousers - BlackMen's Chuck Trousers - Black
Men's Knitted Jumper Roy - Green
Men's Knitted Jumper Roy - Navy